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A tasting like no other, exclusive tastings at the Whisky Attic allow you to experience seven (7) different whiskies hand selected to match your unique palates. With over 2,000 whiskys to choose from, your tasting instructor has the tools at hand to create a sensory perception experience for both the master and novice taster.

Your tasting begins with a brief proprietary seminar created by one of the foremost experts in alcoholic spirits in the world, Sir Adam Carmer. Through this, you will learn the history and evolution of tasting throughout society.

After your introduction, each person will be given a Flavor Profile Assessment from which your instructor will hand select whiskies to match the palates of not only the group but each individual. Over 15,000 people have tasted here and no two groups have ever had the same line up of whiskies!

Then you will learn the revolutionary tasting technique C:STEM the only other recognized method of tasting and evaluating spirits in the world on the whisk

ies selected just for you.

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Duracion: 90 minutos


Las Vegas, Nevada

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Gastronomía, vino y vida nocturna
Cata de vinos
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