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Escape the lights of the Las Vegas Strip to see the stars from the legendary Pioneer Saloon. Located 25-minutes west of Las Vegas, you'll drive out to the historic town of Good Springs for a filling meal and desert star gazing.

Star gazing from the Las Vegas Strip is near impossible, however this tour from Las Vegas gives you the chance to see the desert night sky at it's best. After departing Sin City, you'll head approximately 25-minutes west to this historic town of Goodsprings. You'll enjoy a hearty meal from the legendary Pioneer Saloon, a destination in itself, and then set out for on your star journey.

There is no better place around Las Vegas for star gazing than Goodsprings. With it's rich 100 years of history, the Pioneer saloon has been featured in blockbuster movies, popular TV shows and frequented by iconic stars.

Your local guide will give you an in depth history of astronomy and bring you up to date on today's astronomical events and latest discoveries.

You'll learn how to properly utilize one of the 18 telescopes and binoculars to view planets, galaxies, stars and more in the evening. You can also learn about the instruments used and even build a telescope that you can take home in the event that the weather is unfavorable.

Your tour will conclude with transportation back to Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas, Nevada

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